Train student pilots to acquire desired flying skills and knowledge compatible to the standards specified by CAA for grant of Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot License (Aeroplane).


Private Pilot & Commercial Pilot License Courses are conducted on Cessna 162, Cessna 172 and Full Motion RedBird MCX Flight Simulator.

Course Duration:

Duration Flying AC Simulator Simulator
Ground Schooling 6 Months - -
Private Pilot License 8 Months 40 - 60 Hrs -
Commercial Pilot License 10 Months 105 Hrs 5 Hrs
Instrument Rating 6 Months 20 Hrs 20 Hrs
Total Duration & Flying CPL/IR Course 30 Months (2 years and 6 months) 165 Hrs 25 Hrs 190 Hrs


a. Age 18 year and CNIC holder
b. Matriculation for PPL only
c. FA / FSc or equivalent for CPL


Following subjects are taught during the course by PCAA approved Ground Instructors:-

1. Air Law / AirTraffic Control Procedures
2. OperationalProcedures
3. Flight Planning
4. Meteorology
5. Human Performance and Behaviour
6. Performance
7. Instrument Flight Rules / Visual Flight Rules Communication
8. Mass and Balance
9. General Navigation
10. Principles of Flight
11. Aircraft General Knowledge
12. Radio Navigation
13. Instrumentation
14. Instrument Procedures

Fee Structure:

Revised new Flying Rates are as under w.e.f 11 Feb 2019:

Flying Charges


Total Expenses for Civilian(approximately)               Rs 37-38 Lacs

10% Discount for Govt Servent Total Expenses (approximately)       Rs 32-33 Lacs

Course Schedule:

  • Two courses are run every year, first one in the first week of January and second during first week of July.
  • Admission open for new batch FOO-16 and CPL/IR-15.
  • Classes will be starting from 2nd Jan 2019.

  • Notes:

  • Registration Form, Medical and Local Police Verification is required to be completed at the time of registration along with testimonials and 4 X Passport size and 4 (1”X1”) photos duly attested, 4 X photocopies of CNIC and 3 X copies of attested of Board and HEC qualification certificates.

  • At the time of admission minimum Rs 120,000 are to be deposited as 1st installment of ground schooling fee.

  • Minimum 20 hours flying charges are to be deposited at the start of flying training phase.
  • Cheque or online deposit can be done in account of Askari Aviation (Pvt) Ltd Acct No. 0011650501245 in Askari Bank.

  • For more details please visit us or call:

    Colonel Waseem Akthar Malik (Retd) (General Manager)

    Askari Flying Academy, Nur Khan Base,
    Chaklala, Rawalpindi.
    PH: +92 51 5405161-2 Ext: 105
    Mob: +92 343 3339333
    Fax: +92 51 844 4007